Cleaning, Repair, Rug Pads, Rug Appraisal


Our clients rely on us for pick-up/delivery and a safe effective cleaning process. An oriental rug specialist is required when cleaning quality handknotted rugs because of the risks involved, such as color bleed etc. We have set up a system especially for handmade rugs to insure your rug is thoroughly clean without the rug being altered adversely. We are proud to point to the high rate of repeat business for cleaning as a sure sign of positive results.


  • $2.85-2.95 per square foot
  • $3.10- $4.50 per square foot for particularly dirty rugs i.e., overly abused rug, heavy pet stains and odor.
**Cleaning price includes pick-up and delivery in the Nashville/Brentwood area if pick up includes room size rugs (minimum equivilent size 10x14/ Middle Tn if square foot to be cleaned = 400 sq feet)  


The Oriental Shop, Inc. and Harbs' also have an in house repair specialist who can handle everything from restoration of severely damaged rugs(holes/wear areas) to side binding and end overcasting.Our repair specialist has twenty years experience in the United States after being trained in Afghanistan and Iran. We also have a unique contact who can remove previously hard to remove stains such as dog urine and red wine, a very important service.

Repair Pricing

  • Overcast: $19.50 per linear foor 
  • Binding: $19.50 per linear foot 
  • Binding and selvedge: $20.50 per liner foot 
  • Restoration: estimates on request


The Oriental Shop (Rugs) & Harb's stock and sell pads for rugs for all surfaces including hardwood and carpet, with delivery and installation options (Nashville/ Middle Tn) for room size pieces possibly included in the price (depending on # and delivery range).

Padding Price per square yard

  • Padding for hard surfaces: $11.50 per square yard
Appraisal Services: Robert Howell has over 30 years experience in handling and appraising Antique and New hand knotted rugs. Due to specializing in both antique and new rugs his breath and depth of knowledge assures you of accurate identification and current value. Contact Robert today to see what you have and the value.